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Shoe Hacks to Keep Your Feet Happy - Part 2 - Foot Care

Posted on November 03 2018

Yes, shoes are an important part of our lives. We spend a lot of time wearing them and lot of money is invested in them. At Sole Passions, we want you to feel good about the money you spend with us and we want you to get the most life possible out of the shoes you purchase.

We know that taking care of your shoes is important. But, taking care of your feet is equally important. So, in the second part of this series, we have a few tips for improving the health and overall appearance of your feet:

Soothe blisters: Soaking your feet in a warm tea bath will relieve the pain from blisters. For a spa-like feel, use Epsom salt and your favorite essential oils.

Tired feet: Massage your achy feet by gently rolling them over a tennis ball or a golf ball for a few minutes.

Pamper dry heels: Before you go to bed, massage petroleum jelly all over your feet and put on a pair of white socks. (Petroleum jelly may cause some colors to bleed and stain your feet.) After a few nights your feet will feel and look much better.

Professional advice:  Make an appointment with a podiatrist to ensure that there isn't an underlying condition causing your persistent foot pain.

If you missed the beginning of this series check out our blog at Sole Squad Sagas.


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