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Benefits of Shopping Small Business

Posted on March 01 2018

You may ask yourself, "Why is shopping small business so important?" or "Does it really make a difference when I choose a small business over the big box retailers?" Well, surprisingly, yes.

Shopping small business has many benefits:

  1. Create jobs in your community. Money spent with local, small businesses create employment opportunities for your neighbors and friends. So, when you buy from a small business you help stimulate your local economy.
  2. Tax dollars stay local. Small businesses keep money in your neighborhood. So, your tax dollars stay local and help improve schools, libraries and public services.
  3. Give back to your neighborhood. Small business owners develop partnerships within your neighborhood. Their store fronts can become great networking spaces because they host chamber functions and offer special community activities that bring the community together.
  4. Local business help other local businesses. Many times small businesses offer products that are made locally and they encourage their customers to stop by other small business, creating a ripple effect within the neighborhood's economy.
  5. Small businesses offer unique products. You can find specialty items or unique clothing items that are perfect for you or a loved one. And, you know that it's not going to be something that everyone else has because it's a one of kind item.
  6. Keep your community diversified. Small businesses add vibrancy and uniqueness to your community. Local business diversity grows your community.

So, the next time you are headed out to do a little shopping, check out your locally owned brick and mortar stores. You could discover a new favorite after-work hangout, a great sandwich shop or your new favorite spot for shoe shopping. .... Your local business owners would love to introduce themselves to you and would definitely appreciate your patronage.


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